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The Step-by-Step System to Outstanding Parenting

You’ve tried everything. Time-outs. Rewards. Talking it Out.

And still, your child won’t listen.

Why? You’re missing ONE crucial key. And that’s why I’m here.

Work Together

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your child tunes you out and you’re tired of repeating yourself for the 15th time
  • Absolutely nothing gets done until you issue threats or raise your voice and you hate being the bad guy
  • You’re exhausted having to negotiate and justify every little request
  • Sibling fights, whining, and tantrums are driving you up the wall
  • All their dawdling and procrastination leads to major chore & homework struggles and nothing getting done
  • You’re starting to wonder, am I a good parent? Am I doing the right things for my kids?
  • You really just want your kids to be happy but deep down you’re afraid you’re messing up their life
  • Parenting is slowly sucking the life out of you and the joy you hoped for just isn’t there

Isn’t it time you stopped feeling so frustrated and saw your home, child, and life transform?

Imagine Life as a Parent Like This

  • Your child listens after you say it once. Better yet, your child does it on their own without you having to say anything
  • You feel EMPOWERED to raise respectful, confident, responsible, happy, and well-behaved kids who listen
  • You KNOW how to modify behaviors before they even happen so that you don’t even have to think about disciplining
  • You are CONFIDENT that you can handle any situation in parenthood without losing your cool
  • You stay CALM and IN CONTROL in any situation, gaining more patience and presence with your child
  • You are PROUD that you are being the parent you want to be and feel JOYFUL doing it
  • You feel at ease knowing you are building assets in your child’s lifelong success and happiness.
  • You become a calmer, stronger, and more physically & EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE parent for your kids
  • You are EXCITED about transforming your home from chaos to harmony!
This is possible. Yes, even if you’ve tried everything!

INTRODUCING - The Step-by-Step System to Outstanding Parenting

A step-by-step parenting SYSTEM developed by an engineer, author, and mother of 6.

It’s designed for BUSY parents, so it focuses on the key things that maximize results.

Do you really need another parenting tool? You probably already have a toolbox full of tools and you’re feeling overwhelmed. (You don’t need more random tools that overwhelm you and leave you feeling defeated). That’s because you’re probably missing the ONE thing that makes or breaks everything.   

What you need is a cohesive system.

And that’s what I’m here to give you.

Good parenting is a system, not just a bunch of tools. Tools are useless if you don’t know what to pull out, when and how. With a system, you’ll always know what to do. At last, you’ll no longer have to wonder “What do I do NOW?”

Preview of the Program

You will have me side-by-side, hand holding you through all of the stages of the program.  For each stage, you will also have a very comprehensive set of resources including video training modules, worksheets, templates, talking scripts, charts, tables, metrics tracking sheets to measure your success.  

To ensure you are getting closer to your goals one step at a time, each stage is also built with specific milestones customized for you.  This takes the overwhelm out of the process. It makes it very simple - just follow the process one step at a time, with me by your side, and you’ll find yourself where you want to be in no time!

Stage 1: Identify Goals & Obstacles

You’ll get clear on outcomes - what you really want for your parenting, your child, your family, and your homelife, and uncovering what’s holding you back. You’ll know exactly where you are, where you want to be, and how to bridge that gap.

Stage 2: Analyze Root Cause

In this stage, you’ll discover what’s driving your child’s behavior, and keeping you from moving forward? I will walk you through the process to reveal what’s really driving behaviors, not just looking at symptoms. While most parenting tools treat the symptoms, here you are treating the root cause.

Stage 3: “Engineer” Solutions Addressing Root Cause

Here we’ll use my system to create solutions mapped to your individual obstacles. You will have the shortcut to lasting transformation by getting my engineered solutions that map directly to the root cause. You won’t waste time. You will discover the few things that maximize results for you across the board.  

Stage 4: Implement Solutions & Track Your Results

This is what you’ve been waiting for! You’ll get 1-on-1 coaching to implement the solutions that are going to transform your home completely. You’ll know exactly what to do, when, and how, and you’ll learn the techniques to measure your success in a tangible way.

During The Program You Will

  • See why you really don’t need another parenting tool - and what you should focus on instead
  • Discover what’s really DRIVING your child’s behaviors
  • Learn how to become an even more effective parent with less effort
  • Know how to get a child to listen without bribing, threatening, or raising your voice
  • Know how to motivate your child and help your child become self-motivated
  • Discover key things to focus on that will maximize results across the board
  • Learn what your child really needs from you and how to meet those needs
  • Never wonder “what do I do now?” or “am I doing the right thing?”
  • Get a customized, actionable game plan to transform your life


Are you ready to discover the system that will bring JOY back into parenting?

Your Outstanding Mentor

Meet Luiza

I’m Luiza Coscia, founder of Harmonious Clan, and author of Outcast to Outstanding - The Practical Guide to Understanding & Addressing The Drivers of Your Child’s Behavior.

I’m also a homeschooling parent of 6 and an engineer who now engineers “outside the box” solutions to help busy parents overcome day-to-day parenting struggles, reveal the gem in their child, and have even more quality time to spend with their kids and families.

Because of my real-life PhD earned from engineering parenting solutions while homeschooling and raising my 6 children, and working with other families, you get to take my strategies, cut your learning curve, and transform your child’s life and your own parenting life forever!

It Wasn't Always This Easy

You’re getting the benefit of all the time and money I spent, and the frustration I encountered while developing this system. It took me years of struggle, reading parenting books, working with therapists and medical professionals, and trial and error to get this right. And the results in my own family and the families I have helped speak for themselves.

Things weren’t always smooth for me. In fact, most of my 6 kids have special needs that pose challenging behaviors and require special interventions. I’ve been through the trenches before, I even fell apart sobbing pathetically in the grocery store with my kids. I was going from appointments to appointments seeing counselors, PhD’s, therapists, doctors and whatnot, overwhelmed and burning myself out, but not getting real results. It was sink or swim at that point.

The Aha Moment

Then one day, something suddenly hit me like when the apple hit Isaac Newton under the apple tree. (Can you tell I’m a geek? I love Isaac Newton!) For most of my early parenthood, I felt frustrated and resentful that before I had kids I was on a fast track successful career path. And now I was literally wiping butts with my engineering degree. That was not what I had in mind. But little did I know, that it was my engineering degree & successful engineering career that would save life, and the parenting lives of many others. You’ll see why.

Engineering for Parenting?

I realized that what made me successful as an engineer could also make me successful as a parent. Being an engineer, I decided to analyze what was going on. In systems engineering, having the components isn’t enough. You can have all these components and units, but just having them doesn’t give you a solution. It’s only when you integrate them in precisely the right configuration, and timing, to solve one particular problem, do you get the desired result. On a different problem, the same configuration won’t work.  

It’s the same with parenting. You can have a set of parenting tools, but if they are not used in precisely the right configuration and timing, they won’t be effective. And similarly, you can’t expect to use that same set of parenting tools on another parent-child set, or even a different situation and get good results.

I saw that I had all these tools, strategies, and tips, yet I wasn’t being successful at all, because something was missing (I was missing ONE thing). And that one thing was a system that ties everything together to get the results I needed. So I applied this idea to my parenting and created a highly effective system.

The ONE Thing is ...

In my coaching, I teach the systematic way to transform your parenting. You’ll learn the steps to understand what really DRIVES your child’s behavior and how to properly address those drivers. You’ll use tools you ALREADY have (plus some awesome new ones I’ll provide you) and learn the proper TIME to use those tools while building GREAT CONNECTION with your child. I’ll even provide the tools for you to track your transformation to OUTSTANDING!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried everything already and nothing has worked so far, how do I know this will work?

The reason many parents don’t get desired results even after trying many different parenting tools and methods is because they are missing one thing that makes or breaks everything they are doing. The one thing is a cohesive system that ties everything together to produce desired results.  

Having a box full of parenting tools without a cohesive system to tie everything together is like throwing spaghetti on the wall, trying everything to see what sticks and ending up with nothing sticking but a messy spaghetti sauce wall, which a lot of parents experience.  

But once you apply a cohesive system (one that I will be teaching you), using many of parenting tools you already have, and new innovative ones I’ll give you, everything will fall into place with ease. It’s the one thing that makes everything come together to give you the results you want.

I’m too busy and exhausted. How would I find the time?

If that’s you, you can’t afford to miss this. Because this system is designed for busy parents by a busy parent of 6, it focuses on the few points that maximize results across the board. When you parent with such a cohesive system, you learn how to DO LESS and ACHIEVE MORE so that you have more quality and more TIME in your life.

My child is very different. Nothing seems to work for my child.

Each child is different and not one size fits all. That’s why this system takes a cohesive CHILD-CENTERED approach to meet the individual child’s needs and nurture your child to be the best he/she can be. In fact, I engineer solutions specific to the parent-child pair. I look for the root cause of the struggles and then engineer child-centered solutions that not only address the root cause but fit YOUR specific parenting style, YOUR CHILD’S uniqueness, and your specific PARENT-CHILD PAIR DYNAMICS.  

I’m not the type that follows through, how can I be successful?

The reason you probably haven’t followed through in the past is either lack of accountability, support, or lack of specific milestone results. That’s why our system provides incremental wins where you can be encouraged and motivated by the milestones you reach. I also provide full support including accountability to ensure your success.

It’s been this way for a while already. How can I make a change now?

By applying the system, you will be making small changes to things you probably are already doing. However, because the system is result oriented and designed for transformation, by taking the little steps you will be guided to, you will be excited about your transformation!

But I’m not the type of parent who can ____ (fill in the blank).

Highly effective parenting is a learned skill, just like driving. All you need is a cohesive system to go by, and some guidance and support along the way. I will be there with you step-by-step showing you the roadmap. There will be no such thing as “can’t”. Before you know it, you will be that parent you always wanted to be!

Is it actually possible for me to stay calm through those moments? I lose my temper so easily.

An important part of this system is to identify the root cause. By identifying the root cause of the most challenging parenting situations you are dealing with, we can effectively intervene and modify the child’s behaviors that typically cause you to feel out of control. Furthermore, by equipping you with a cohesive system, you will parent with more certainty about how to handle different situations and have more confidence, so you will naturally gain more control and calmness.

I’ve never been able to get my child to listen without bribing, threatening, or raising my voice. How can I actually get my child to listen without any of those things?

That is just one of the things the system will help you achieve. When you have a cohesive system that ties everything together to deliver results, every aspect of your parenting comes more effortlessly because the pieces will all fall into place.

I want to do this but what do I do if my spouse/partner is not on the same page with me?

By enrolling in our coaching program, your spouse/partner can join any or all of our coaching meetings or training, free of charge. This allows your spouse/partner the opportunity to gain valuable insights and be able to see eye to eye with you on matters.  He or she may even end up being one of your best partners in this journey!

Are you ready for a cohesive parenting system that ties everything together and transforms your family life?
Will D

"I think you should really consider Luiza's service and coaching because she provides you with really good value". Will D.

"You're very raw, authentic and genuine and it shows your heart and how you ache for other families to grow also so they can be successful." Lydia S.

Lydia S.
"Luiza is amazing at understanding the problem and empathizing with both the parent's and the child's struggles, and explaining methods that will overcome the issues. Luiza's ideas to help with my 17 year old son are amazing and very smart". Heidi B.

“Luiza is full of ideas to help teach children to be the best they can be ... and ways of talking with children that highly regard the child's perspective on so many levels." Karen P.

“Luiza teaches parents to understand what their kids are feeling and thinking, which gives you grace to deal with and care for them in those moments. I also LOVED your vulnerability.” Ernest S.

"You are obviously a Mom dealing with these difficulties every day." Sarah S.

"Incredibly impactful ... groundbreaking" Kari L.

"Luiza brings so much value to parents and families" Rachel M.

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