What is Sensory Processing Disorder – Episode 1

What is Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and how does it impact your child’s behaviors? In this series you’ll learn how Sensory Processing Disorder can impact your child’s behaviors and learn strategies to improve your child’s behaviors. This is episode 1 of 2 where you’ll get an understanding of what is Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), you’ll learn about the seven Sensory Integration areas and how overstimulation in one or more of these areas can impact your child’s behaviors.

There is also a great real life analogy of what it’s like to have SPD so you can better relate to what your child with SPD may be experiencing on a daily basis.

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There are 7 Sensory Integration areas: Proprioceptive, Vestibular, Tactile, Auditory, Visual, Oral, Olfactory.

The Sensory Processing Recipe cards provide you, for each of the seven sensory areas:

  1. What role it plays in your child’s daily functions
  2. Characteristics and symptoms of underdevelopment in that area
  3. A list of activities your child can do to promote better sensory integration in that area

These recipe cards outline the specific characteristics of each sensory area under development and exactly what activities you need to do in each of those sensory areas. Print them out and stick them to your fridge or somewhere, so you have them handy throughout the day.

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