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FREE Thriving with Sensory Processing Disorder Toolkit

This value packed Toolkit has 5 tools to help you demystify SPD and help your child flourish!

  • Tool #1 - Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) in Plain English
  • Tool #2 - How to Tell if My Child Has SPD (typical characteristics)
  • Tool #3 - Why Does My Child with SPD Act this Way
  • Tool #4 - How SPD Impacts My Child
  • Tool #5 - How to Help My Child with SPD
  • BONUS - Thriving with SPD Recipe Cards


Plus you'll get a FREE BONUS pdf with our 'Thriving with SPD Recipe cards'.

There are 7 Sensory Integration areas: Proprioceptive, Vestibular, Tactile, Auditory, Visual, Oral, Olfactory.

The Sensory Processing Recipe cards provide you, for each of the seven sensory areas:

  1. What role it plays in your child’s daily functions
  2. Characteristics and symptoms of underdevelopment in that area
  3. A list of activities your child can do to promote better sensory integration in that area

These recipe cards outline the specific characteristics of each sensory area under development and exactly what activities you need to do in each of those sensory areas. Print them out and stick them to your fridge or somewhere, so you have them handythroughout the day.

Thriving with SPD Tool Kit

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Luiza Y. Coscia is an author, parent and engineer who now engineers ‘outside the box’ solutions for ‘outside the box’ children to help parents overcome parenting struggles and reveal the gem in their children.