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At Harmonious Clan, we focus on enabling you to reveal the GEM inside your child from the diamond in the rough.

The first step to revealing the GEM in your child, is to be a parent who is effective at driving appropriate behavior from your child.

Take our 5 minute Parenting Effectiveness Quiz and see how YOU’RE behaving as a parent

Get INSTANT results identifying which of the 5 parenting types you are

  • DISCOVER the holes in your parenting style that directly impact your child’s behavior and performance
  • UNCOVER what’s preventing you from being the happy, successful,& highly effective parent that you want to be
  • Get FREE quick action steps you can IMMEDIATELY apply to raise your parenting profile
    • A FREE video course ($99 value) that REVEALS the 10 common mistakes even smart parents make that keeps them frustrated and worried about their children (short daily videos by email)
    • Free 15 min consult with report & action plan ($95 value)

Parenting Effectiveness Quiz

Discover what’s preventing you from being the happy, successful, and highly effective parent that you want to be.

Please answer each question as honestly as possible for your current situation. This will help us provide you with an accurate type and targeted strategies that will quickly improve your parenting style.

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