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Our Mission:

Harmonious Clan’s mission is to enable BUSY parents to:

  • Parent even more effectively
  • Have more quality time with their kids and family
  • Bring their children to the next level of outstanding

We do so by providing proven “engineered” solutions, that are simple to use, in our workshops, speaking engagements, courses, and coaching.


What Sets us apart from Ordinary Parenting Coaches:

Our “engineered” parenting solutions!

 (yes, we were actually engineers)

what makes us different Busy Parents
What Makes Us Different Potent
What Makes Us Different Results
What Makes Us Different Engineered

About Luiza

Luiza is an author and speaker who teaches on effective parenting to yield more quality time, child behaviors, and nurturing children to the next level of outstanding. She also provides coaching services to busy parents and families.

Her background includes a Bachelor’s of Science degree in engineering and a real life PhD that she earned working with other families and raising and homeschooling her own 6 children who required creative interventions due to special needs & special challenges.

What sets Luiza apart is that she honed her problem solving and analytical skills during her successful engineering career, skills that she now applies to engineer unique solutions for parents to nurture the diamond in the rough in their children.  Her unique solutions cover anything from bedtime challenges to sibling relationships, and they always ignite the best out of every child.


About Marco

Marco is also an engineer with a creative mindset, who is also a professional voice over talent. He believes each child has their own unique talent that can only be fully revealed with proper parent support.

Through Marco and Luiza's struggles and challenges they have developed strategies to create a sense of harmony in their clan. Now they would like to share their journey and parenting strategies. They have seen how, with the proper strategies, even "problem" behaviors can be turned around. Marco believes "problem" children can truly flourish by changing the paradigm and addressing the behaviors with the proper perspective.

Marco uses his own childhood struggles and experiences to bring a unique perspective on the child's view.